How to Win War Without Fighting- Arch Bishop Benson Idahosa (Part One)

Arch Bishop Benson Idahosa

Written By Kunle Oluyori

This message will be a universal lesson for you, instead of just being an international lesson.

I am going to speak from four places in the Bible and the topic is “How to Win War without Fighting”

1 Samuel 17:50, “So David prevailed over the Philistine with a sling and with a stone, and smote the Philistine and slew him, but there was no sword in the hand of David” By

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Sister Linda's Message For Catholics and Jehovah Witnesses

Catholics: Mary is not an intercessor in heaven, but a caretaker of babies and an ordinary person like us. They should worship Him in faith and in purity and they must follow the right doctrines. He is not a God with hand, they are leading people to hell, they are occult, and Catholics are in occultism. He said, “If you repent, come out of Catholic ministry, tell them to preach the truth. They are in occultism, occult power; they are not preaching my word. He said they should repent.

How My Sister Died and Went to Hell, Her Encounter With Demons (Part 5)

She began to cry and said, “God have mercy on me for all the evil word I have said against the pastor… forgive me God, please forgive me”
After the message, she testified, and went down on her knees and surrendered her life to Jesus.
Other people trooped inside and gave their lives to Christ. This testimony has turned Sierra Leone upside down for Jesus, Muslims are coming to Jesus, and people are calling over the phone and confessing witchcraft.
These pastors that God told us to warn, they rose up against us, and said we are from the underworld, they went to radio, television, me, Sis Linda, Sis Ayo, they say we are witches, we are from the underworld, from the sea, they call us all kinds of names.

How My Sister Died and Went to Hell, Her Encounter With Demons (Part 4)

These other brothers were singing praise and worship (imagine people who don’t want to praise God in the morning.

When she came back to life, she asked what was happening; she was surprised to see the other brothers praising God.

Then she asked for food, she said she wasn’t feeling normal, and I told her that she would never feel normal again. I told her that the Lord Jesus used her body. She said to me, “if it was you I should understand because you are holy, but me, I am unclean, God cannot use me”.

How My Sister Died and Went to Hell, Her Encounter With Demons (Part 3)

He said, anybody who uses these things is not of me, and I am not of him. I am not in them, pray for yourselves. Whosoever calls upon me, I will answer.
He said, these pastors, many of them are anointed by Satan himself. Some of them I called them, but they have turned their backs on me. He said, “warn them, or else I will close the gate of grace over their lives. I will trample upon them before my coming. I will raise my children and put them down underneath my children”
He said, “Some of you are sending my children to hell”. He said, “The reason why I said so, you have ignite pride inside of them.” He said, some of you don’t believe that if you pray I will answer you except pastors lay hands upon you. He said, in the morning, in the day and in the night, some of you will just troop into their houses. He said by doing that you send them to hell. He said they will have pride and they will turn on me. He said, whosoever doeth that I will punish him.

How My Sister Died and Went to Hell, Her Encounter With Demons (Part 2)

I now knew, Linda was dead, but I kept praying, with tears in my heart. I kept begging God for mercy.

I called on two people, two brothers, the sin partner of hers before, because now she’s a new creation, and our brother was there, just looking, wondering if it was possible that Linda was dead.
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He insisted, it was not serious. With the four of us, we did all we could to help. Linda was still on my lap. The other brother decided to take her to the hospital but I refused.

How My Sister Died and Went to Hell, Her Encounter With Demons

Philda Ngaujah narrated how her elder sister, Linda Ngaujah, died on Friday, 15th February, 2013, and her sister went to hell where she had encounters with demons and the devil. Sister Philda is a born again Sierra Leonean who for several years preached to her sister, Linda about her need to accept Jesus as her personal Lord and savior. Linda on the other hand was a very wayward, nonchalant student of a higher institution in Sierra Leone; she paid deaf ears to her sister’s warnings until the death of a family friend when she kept hearing voices for days, warning her that she was going to die until she finally died.
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