Sin of Fraud and Cheating

Series: Identifying Sin and How to ask for Forgiveness of Sin

Topic: Sin of Fraud and Cheating

Leviticus 6:

Verse 2-3: Suppose you cheat in a deal involving a security deposit (Banking) or you steal (thieves, armed robbers) or commit fraud (yahoo-yahoo boys, fraudulent banker, corrupt politicians and civil servants) or you find lost property and lie about it (people that picks other people’s missing things and sell it or use it for personal purpose, refusing to return it to real owner), or you lie while swearing to tell the truth, or you commit any other such sin”

Like duping people through relationship/romance scam, taking bribe to shield an offender or criminal at the detriment of an innocent person for financial gains. 

All of these are termed sin as found in Leviticus 6, from verse 2 to 3.

Leviticus 6:4 “ If you have sinned in any of these ways, you are guilty.”

Listen to this, corrupt politicians and fraudsters, in Leviticus 6:4B, the Bible says; “You must give back whatever you stole (robbers, corrupt politicians and public officers), or the money you took by extortion (yahoo-yahoo boys and fraudsters), or the security deposit (cheating banks), or the lost property you found, or anything obtained by swearing falsely (corrupt presidents, senators, governors).

Now let me tell you, when you are returning the stolen things, money, assets, goods and goodwill), you must return everything, not half, not quarter, but EVERYTHING!

If you stole $25B you MUST return $25B and not $1.4B, if you dupe a relationship partner of N5M,. you MUST refund the whole N5M, and not a mere Five Hundred Thousand. 

In the laws of Moses given to the people in the OT, (which I earlier explained in my previous message). The Old testament like I had explained is not discarded in the New Testament by Jesus, Jesus only modernized the old ways of the Old Testament, which had a lot of dirty and ungodly and inhumane doctrines,  replacing it with a cleaner and healthier, godly lifestyle.

Hear what Leviticus 6:5 says about returning things back after stealing to obtain forgiveness of sin from God,

“You must make restitution by paying the full price PLUS an additional 20 percent to the person you have harmed.” (Stolen from, duped, cheated)

So if you stole $25B, you are refunding $25B PLUS 20% of $25B. Let me explain why…
If you had put the money in fixed deposit, it would have yielded interest or if you invested it in business it would have yielded some profits, so both the profits and the capital are not yours because you stole them.

Now when you have returned the whole amount stolen PLUS 20% interest, you will now give a guilt offering to God.

You still have to give thanks and offering to God for the forgiveness of sin (I explained this in my yesterday’s message).

Then you will be purified. No long story. It is a forgiveness of sin that is attainable for anyone who truly wants to stop stealing and cheating. You don’t need to climb on the mountains to get forgiveness; you must return what was stolen.

You will be forgiven for any of these sins you have committed after you have gone through the process of admitting guilt, confessing it and paying back what you stole, PLUS a 20%, then give thanks and offering for the forgiveness of sin to God and you will be purified.

If you pay only half back, you won’t be forgiven, no matter how much you cry for repentance.
You can pray a simple prayer like this:

Lord I thank you for the gift of life and for the true teachings of your ways. I pray that you forgive me my sins of cheating, fraudulent transactions and armed robbery. Now that I have refunded the amount stolen, please forgive me for the sins I committed and purify my soul from the punishment of sin.

God will forgive you totally and you will have peace of mind.

God bless you.

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