So Your Pastor Can Actually Take a Part of Your Offering! (Leviticus 7)

There has always been controversy over the offerings given to church and why pastors or men of God take a part of the offering. I’m sure if you have read some of my previous writings, you would know by now that as a child of God you MUST give offering.

Today I want to dwell on why pastors have the constitutional rights from the Bible to take a part of the offering you give in the church.

The offering given by people to the church is meant for

1-      God
2-      The pastor

If you have been following my previous discussions, I mentioned that, when Jesus Christ came to the world, He did not abolish the Laws of Moses, but modernized, or removed some doctrines that looked impure, dirty and that disregards the value for life, whether animal or human. Therefore the laws of the Lord, including that of giving offering to the Lord, through the pastor, who also has permission to a part of the offering, has not been abolished.

In the Old Testament, when people give offering to the Lord, it was usually in form of animals, and grains, because money was not in use then, so when these animal offerings are brought into the House of God, the priest burns a part of it completely as an aroma to God, while the priest is permitted to keep, the other part of the offering. 

Now in the present day, since our offerings are no longer in form of animal sacrifices and grains, the part of the offering meant for God is used in carrying out works for the Lord, like evangelism, building and developing of the House of God, social welfare etc.

Leviticus 7:1
“These are the instructions for the guilt (sin, cheating etc.) offering. It is most holy. (So your offering is most holy, and you must treat it as such, it is not a waste).

Leviticus 7: 2-6
“The animal sacrifices as a guilt offering must be slaughtered at the place where the burnt offerings are slaughtered (in the church) and the blood must be splattered against all sides of the altar, including the fat of the broad tail, the fat around the internal organs, the two kidneys and the fat around them near the loins and the long lobe of the liver. These are to be removed with the kidneys, and the priests will burn them on the altar as special gift presented to the Lord”

Now let me explain this;

When you give an offering to the Lord, remember it is holy, when it is holy, then it must be your best.
If you are used to buying dairy products you will know that the kidneys, liver and those internal organs/parts of the animal that God instructed to be given to Him, are the most expensive, even though the share a very small part of the whole animal, that is the part God is asking for, the best part of the offering from the church.

In verse 6, the Bible says; “All males from the priest’s family may eat the meat that is after you have removed those vital parts that God asked for. The church must first remove the larger part of the offering for the works of God, and then the pastor, associate pastors, workers etc. can now take the rest of the offering. 

Verse 7, says, “The same instructions apply to the guilt offering and sin offering. Both belong to the priest who uses them to purify someone making that person right with the Lord.

Therefore your pastor has a right to part of the church’s offering. (Read up to verse 10)

The Part of the Offering That Belongs to the Pastor (Leviticus 7:29)
“Give the following instructions to the people…when you present a peace offering to the Lord, bring part of it as a gift to the Lord.”

Now, the offering is divided into two, a larger part is for the work of God, while the other is for the Pastor.

You are also required to bring in your offering to church by yourself.

Verse 30; “Present it to the Lord with your own hands as a special gift to the Lord. Bring the fat of the animal together with the breast, and lift up the breast as a special offering to the Lord.

That means your offering MUST be presented in the House of God (church). What you give to a beggar on the street is not your offering, though it is giving, which is also acknowledged by God, but it is not an offering to God.

31: “Then the priest (pastor) will burn the fat of the animal together with the breast and lift up the breast as special gift to the Lord.”

That means the pastor is to take the best part of the offering for the work of God like; evangelism, building of the church and other social welfare services.

“Then the priest will burn the fat on the altar, but the breast will belong to Aaron (pastors) and his descendants (family, workers, other pastors and ministers).

After Reading This, You Should Stop Judging Your Pastor for Using Part of Church Offerings

God in Leviticus 7:34 said, “For I have reserved the breast of the special offering and the right thigh of the sacred offering for the priests (pastors)”

It is a permanent right of Aaron (pastors) to share in the peace offering brought by the people…
“This is their rightful share. The special gifts presented to the Lord have been reserved for Aaron (pastors) and his descendants (family, other pastors, workers), from the time they were set apart to serve the Lord as priests (pastors).

A Pastor should Know This: Leviticus 6:19-23; all parts of the offering belonging to God must be completely used up for the work of God only.

God bless you.

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Notice: Unless otherwise indicated, all scripture quotation are taken from the Holy Bible, New Living Translation

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