Laws of Favor (The Laws of Skill)

By Pastor Yemi Davids

Written by Charles Oluyori

Solomon said, “Seethe thou a man skillful in his business, he shall stand before kings and not mean men”

This is basic; where you stand tomorrow is how well you can do your job. I have personally discovered that favor has a lot to do with recommendations.

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The currents of favor flows as you are mentioned in the palace. But you will not be mentioned in places of importance if you don’t do your job well.

“Excellence is doing a common thing in an uncommon way”

Dissecting the story of Joseph you will see the place of recommendation. Someone had to mention his name in the palace, what if he did not do it well in the prison?

A job well done will create currents of favor through recommendations. The day his name was mentioned in the palace, his story changed.

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That kind of recommendation is a practical expression of God’s favor engineering the power of skill. Even David was mentioned in the palace because he could play the harp very well.

Saul said they should look out for a man that can play the harp very well and then suddenly someone mentioned his name.

What if David was not doing well? Mediocrity would not help us to enjoy answered prayers. Many are praying and praying but do mediocre things, short-changing the answers to their prayers!

Please it’s time to take serious your job, “Seethe though a man skillful in his business, he shall stand before kings and not mean men”

You’ve got to do your job well. Dear reader, mediocrity will not create favor. Whatever your area of business or career, you must be able to do it well.

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Prayer is not a substitute for skill, excellence provided on a smaller scale can create open door in the palace.

God will have you take good advantage of the small opportunities you have today if you must experience favor in the palace.

Joseph was a solution provider in the prison before he became a solution provider in the palace. People don’t learn from history which is why history keeps repeating itself!

We must learn from these great examples. Don’t take for granted these little opportunities now; it is your gateway to the palace.

Do it right, do it well and currents of favor will begin to flow.

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How You Skill Affects the Flow of Favor

It is those who are skillful in their businesses that favor will carry to the palace. Always know that someone is watching you who is capable of greatly blessing you.

Who would have known that someone in the prison would mention the name of Joseph in the palace! Someone is always watching you who is capable of greatly blessing you.

Don’t take any job for granted, don’t say this job is too small, no job is too little, ‘inside a little lies the great’

The small opportunity is at the gateway to the greater opportunities. We need skill acquisitions. I wonder what would have happened if Joseph despised the small opportunity of solving the problem in the prison. It most likely would have closed the door to the palace.

How to Get Better

How do you do your business? How do you solve problems, is it cheerful or you are always murmuring and complaining? That is important in the school of excellence performance.

How do you do your business, how do you solve problems?

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Are you always cheerful, or you are always murmuring and complaining. Is it with willingness or with reluctance and then when do you solve problems?

We are in a jet age, how fast you can solve your clients’ problem will create currents of favor particularly when you don’t compromise on excellence. It means doing business at the speed of thought.

Things can be done faster; your processes can be more effective if you can think. Doing it faster with excellence will generate currents of favor.

And then where you solve problems, where do you do your business? How is the place of your business?

Your place of business ought to be excellent and beautiful. Invest in excellence and you will enjoy great currents of favor.

Man is moving away from hell towards heaven, try to create your heaven and men will rush in. I believe that there are better ways to doing your business, you must find it.

If you don’t improve on your ability to deliver you will soon expire. If you settle down just where you are, the world will leave you behind.

It’s time seek practical ways to improve your skills. Read relevant books, attend relevant seminars but make sure those things will help to deliver better.

If you are better you’ll experience increase in favor. Learn to use technology as leverage, you can do more, you can do better.

I have always been motivated by words of Jack Welch the former CEO of General Electric. He said and I quote, “Be number one or number two in your business or get out!”

This is aspiring to be the best. It will definitely drive you and you will be moved to see better ways to better your competitors.

“Seethe a man diligent in his business he shall stand before kings and not mean men”

Don’t seek to be known but seek to know and then you will be known. Let others be able to recommend you with ease. One job well done will create currents of favor.

It takes quality skills to enjoy currents of favor. This is your season of favor, as you step out this morning you will start seeing changes.

Ask God for favor, learn to speak favor and package your business well and then develop your skills and you will start growing in favor.

Thank you and achieve greatness.

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